With EmpowHR we are able to get your group up and running quickly.  We help make your transition to online enrollment seamless and painless with implementation times averaging less than two weeks.

  • Initial and Ongoing Training
  • Dedicated US-Based Support Staff

EmpowHR offers many options in order to make your group unique

  • Customized Images, Videos, Group Logos, Text
  • Flexible Plan Configuration
  • Customized Business Rules to Meet your Needs

EmpowHR Gives Administrative Users Access to All Data Including:

  • Election Reports
  • Full Extract Reporting
  • Enrollment Status Dashboard 
  • Login Reports
  • Plan Library Featuring over 50 Reports
  • Employee Specific Reporting

We Connect with all Carriers via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Reports

List handful of Carrier connections

We do this for you

Monthly List Bill and Self Bill Reports Available

Beef up a little bit (Any special billing reports)

  • Configurable Enrollment and Event Based Alerts for Admin Users
  • Employee Messaging 
  • New Hire and Open Enrollment Reminder Emails
  • More Alert Options Available

Our Census Template Allows us to Upload Your Employee and Dependent Demographic Information and Benefit Elections into EmpowHR.  

Stress we Do it for you