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  • EmpowHR maintains a secure, online personalized account for each of your associates to use as they enroll in and update the benefit choices that your company provides them.  Once enrolled, at any time they wish theycan see your menu of available plans, review their selected coverages and make allowed mid-year adjustments.
  • When “open enrollment” time comes your associates make any needed adjustments/selections all from the same account.  The system provides a confirmation statement documenting their choices directly to each associate and alerts your benefit administrator as each employee wraps up their enrollment process
  • If you wish, EmpowHR can transmit the enrollment information directly to your insurance companies, relieving your team of the burden of updating all that information into the carrier systems.
  • Empowhr offers a robust selection of reports so you can stay on top of the status of your enrollment data.

As the sponsoring employer, you have secured access to the necessary administrative processes for setting up your employee benefit “menu” and assisting your associates as they select benefits, enroll and preform any needed updates year-round.

Many of our new customers are making their first move to a paperless benefit enrollment and administration process.  The system is very intuitive and associates have a true “shopping cart” experience and are able to self-serve for most functions.  If you desire, EmpowHR can even transmit the enrollment information directly to your insurance company saving you team the work and possible errors involved in updating the insurers systems.

Pricing varies depending on how many EmpowHR services you select, but can be as low as $12.00 per year for each employee.