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EmpowHR Improves the Employee Experience While Reducing Employer Effort

For Employers

The employee benefits enrollment process poses challenges and headaches for many business owners:

  • Paper driven processes contribute to delay, loss and rework of enrollment information
  • Non-automated updates to insurance and payroll systems cost employers time and data entry effort
  • Data accuracy issues cause delay, rework and employee dissatisfaction

EmpowHR partners with employers, brokers, insurance carriers, and others to automate and streamline employee benefit enrollment and administration tasks. User friendly, online processes get employers OUT of the “paper chase” often associated with benefit enrollment.

For EmployeES

EmpowHR technology empowers enrollees to securely and confidently select from a clear menu of benefit offerings. Employees add selections to their virtual “benefit shopping cart” and see a running tally of their payroll contributions as they make their choices.  Once enrollment is completed the employee immediately receives an enrollment confirmation statement detailing their choices. A “Total Compensation Statement” may also be displayed if desired.

We'll Help Select the Services Right for You

Year Round System Access

Supports new employee onboarding and initial benefit enrollment as well as Annual Open Enrollment Season

Annual Open Enrollment Services

We will help you set up your menu of benefits, administer your enrollment period and transmit enrollment data to your insurance carriers

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Ensures that your employee’s benefit enrollments and updates are swiftly and securely transferred to insurance company systems

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